Spring Into The New Season With Your Kids

  1. Let’s go fly a kite.

Forget smartphones and iPads, the childhood activities of years past still provide as much fun today. Why not teach your children how to fly?! You can find a kite at most discount or variety stores, and you’re on your way to new heights. Take your kids to a nearby open field on a sunny day, show them how to make their kite soar, and watch them marvel at the magic in their hands!

  1. Root for a gorgeous garden.

You don’t have to go far to grow some smiles… Your own garden is the perfect place get the kids involved, and teach them about nature and science (while having fun, of course)! Children will love digging into the soil and watching their creations come to life. Try a quick and easy plant like a sunflower, or a vegetable like lettuce for fast results.

  1. Time to take a hike!

One of the best parts of spring is the beautiful change in scenery. Your children will absolutely fall in love with nature when they’re surrounded by lush Cedar Rapids greenery. There are plenty of nearby trails and parks where you and your kids can enjoy a leisurely stroll together. Bring your favorite snacks or a lunchtime meal that you’ve cooked together!

  1. Bottle up the light.

Do you have fond memories of catching fireflies in your backyard? The spring season is the perfect time to finally share this beloved experience with your kids. Grab a few fun Mason jars from your local craft store and head out to your backyard when it gets dark. Watch your kids light up as they catch their first firefly! They’ll never want to part with their illuminating jar.

  1. Chalk the walk.

It’s time to get colorful! Sidewalk chalk is one of the greatest pastimes for children everywhere. Get your kids a bucket of chalk and let their creativity run free right in your front or backyard. They’ll especially love writing their names and drawing their favorite animals or activities. Make sure to snap of a photo of their genius creations!

Once the warm weather sets in, we’re ready to spend as much time outside as possible. Spring is the ideal time to make memories with your children! In your neighborhood and around your gorgeous and spacious Skogman home, your children will have a blast with these springtime activities.

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By Skogman Homes