Our Energy Efficient Homes Keep You Cool… And Save You Hundreds

So, what do you do when you want to be comfortable in your home but you also want a reasonable utility bill? With a commitment to environmental sensitivity, Skogman Homes ensures that every new home is designed with energy-efficient details that keep you feeling your best all year-round while saving money!

Our focus is put on sustainable materials that families truly care about, and we’re happy to say that we deliver a promise to respect the environment. Every new home receives an energy audit in the construction process to guarantee that the living space you’re getting is efficient, advanced, and top-of-the-line. 

We’re proud to say that our Skogman Homes have an HERS energy score of 53, which saves buyers an average of $1,695 on annual utilities. Both a typical existing home for sale and a standard new construction home use more energy than our homes do, which means you won’t get the benefits of our comfortable, energy-efficient materials that save you money.

In addition to our energy-efficient homes, there are several actions you can personally take to ensure that you’re saving as much money as possible while keeping yourself and your family comfortable. Check out Energy Saver’s top tips for remaining cool during the summer:

  • Natural Ventilation: open your windows and turn off your AC before you go to sleep at night, then shut the windows and blinds in the morning to capture the cool air.
  • Thermostat Efficiency: a small difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures means a lower cooling bill, so try to set your thermostat as high as possible while staying comfortable, and keep your home warmer than usual when you’re away.
  • Fans and Ventilation Strategies: did you know that a ceiling fan will allow you to set your thermostat 4 degrees higher without losing comfort? Just remember to turn any fan off when you leave the room.
  • Avoid Unwanted Heat: on very hot days, avoid using the oven, and instead use the microwave, stove, or grill outside. Even devices like curling irons and hair dryers will add a little bit of heat to your home, so try to avoid “hot” appliances.

Our commitment to building new homes that respect the environment proves our dedication to you, your family, and our planet. For more information on our homes and communities, please visit our website, or give us a call at 319-363-8285. We can’t wait to partner with you on this incredible new home journey!

By Skogman Homes