Easy Plants for a Gorgeous Garden

In Iowa, certain low-maintenance plants thrive incredibly well and make for a colorful garden that’ll add pops of life to your home! Here are a few ideas for your brand new garden:

Perfect Plants to Make a Statement

Blanket Flower

With yellow and red daisy-shaped petals, the bright and bold Blanket Flower will bring a positive energy to your backyard. And guess what — they love heat! Make sure to plant them in a sunny location in well-draining soil, and water them only occasionally. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of these beauties!


These flowers are as easy to grow as they are beautiful. Like Blanket Flowers, Daylilies should be planted in the heat, although these pretty plants can even withstand a little bit of shade. Choose a pale pink variety to contrast bolder colors in the garden, or pick a vibrant yellow to create a truly sunny, spring vibe.


There’s a good reason why peonies are so beloved! These full-petaled flowers come in beautiful shades of red, rose, and white to give off a lovely aura wherever they are. Along with lots of sun and well-draining soil, peonies need good air circulation. Grown with all of these things, they’ll add an unforgettable touch to your garden!

Colorful Veggies That Taste Even Better

Swiss Chard

As colorful as it is delicious and healthy, Swiss chard brings bright shades of yellow, pink, and orange to your garden. Although this super green grows best in mild temperatures, it can also tolerate heat, as long as it’s planted in rich soil and given constant moisture. The best part? It’s easy to harvest (and goes great in your favorite dishes).

Leaf Lettuce

For all of the salad fans out there, tasty leaf lettuce can easily be grown in your garden! Skip the store-bought version and plant your own leaf lettuce in loose soil that’s well-drained and loaded with organic matter. Make sure to give the plant plenty of shade, as it grows best in cool temperatures. You’ll marvel at the difference in taste when you grow the lettuce yourself!


There’s nothing like the taste of a juicy, fresh-picked tomato. In order to grow this delicious food at home, remember that tomatoes need as much sun as possible, along with consistent waterings. In addition, make sure to plant them very deep into composted manure, and you’ll be enjoying unbelievably delicious tomatoes before you know it!

One of the most rewarding parts of the spring season is being able to plant incredible things right outside of your own home. Who knew that a gorgeous garden filled with colorful flowers and delicious veggies could be so easy? Celebrate the season by planting new life!

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By Skogman Homes